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Why is discipline necessary?

Because, without discipline, failure is guarenteed

Enforce the behaviour of integrity.

Constantly watch the management of money.

Ensure that the government is transparent.

                                      More below:

  In a Democracy, the laws are the discipline.

Stronger Ethics Laws:


  •  It will strengthen our democracy by removing unethical people.


  • This will restore integrity in our politicians.

 New Quality Political Information Laws:

  • It will ensure voters receive quality information from the media and politicians.

  • Voters with quality info will make better choices during elections.

 New "Right to Vote on Political Issues Law:

  •  It will give Canadians a genuinely democratic society.

  • We have the technology to involve citizens in decisions easily.

New "Non-Segregation of Thought Law: 

  • It will force media and politicians to stop segregating citizens into "thought-type humans"

  • Right, Left, Center, Populist, etc., which divides our social struture.

New "Online Canadian Forum Law: 

  • An open uncensored (except for politeness)  for Canadians to communicate with each other.

  • It will give citizens free speech and unity with other Canadians.

  • A disciplined, polite forum to engage on political issues.

  • Unreliable polls will be replaced with live knowledge of current, up-to-date opinions.

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