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Canadians Thinking Ahead

When government insanity arises, do something.

Billboard sign, Stop the Madness
When government behaviour approaches insanity, do something.

What does insanity look like?

It may be different for many people, which is a good thing. More perspectives will improve our democracy.

Start talking about it; make it an election issue.

This ever-expanding blog post will showcase ideas for improving Canadian democracy.

If you have an idea for a new law to improve our democracy, please submit it to @democracylevel on X.(Twitter).

Provide a relevant article link for your proposed law.

Headline: Canadian Thinking Ahead

During the pilot phase, keep messages brief and polite. Laws will improve later.




Insanity: Eliminating all gas-powered vehicles:

Solution: Pilot suggestion for a new law.

"Any new law that may severely impact the Canadian economy or social fabric must be approved by Canadian citizens."


Insanity: Re: The Senate, where laws get approved:

The government in power appoints who will be a Senator.

Solution: Pilot suggestion for a new law.

"The citizens of Canada must elect all senators."


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