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Is MSM liable for concealing the harm of COVID-19 vaccines?

We have a deal with the media.

  1. Canadians invest in media corporations through our taxes.

  2. Canadians, therefore, have an implied contract with the MSM.

  3. Canadians expect to receive all the data on issues that affect our lives.

Question: Do you think the media corporations are liable if they withhold critical information from the citizens?

It's a question that deserves some consideration, especially when we think about the role that media plays in our lives and the impact it has on our society

After all, if we are funding these organizations, shouldn't we be able to expect a certain level of accountability and transparency in return?


Media Legal Responsibility: It's something worth pondering.

Example: Information on Vaccine side effects.

  •  Evidence about harmful vaccine side effects was ubiquitous.

  • For instance, there was an extensive cross-Canada study on the vaccine's side effects:

  • However, MSM did not have extensive journalism coverage of this. They all but ignored it.

  • There was, and still is scarce coverage of the devastating effect on Canadians.

  • Ignoring is also concealing when you have the responsibility to protect citizens.


Evidence that could have shown the harmful effects of vaccines was concealed from Canadians.

Information which may have changed their actions.

Documented side effects:

Excessive Unknown deaths in Canada. The vaccine was

not tested on pregnant women Myocarditis

Ischemic Heart disease

Pulmonary heart disease

Heart Failure


Unreliable Covid tests

Ventilator caused deaths

Altered approval process for the vaccine.

Vaccines were rushed through without proper testing.

Links to consider:

Our safety as Canadians cannot be taken lightly. We cannot afford to be treated in a way that puts our lives at risk.

Is a peaceful protest the only way to bring about a change to this irresponsible behaviour?


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