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Unethical politicians can be disheartening. What to do

Boot of a politician stepping on a rose, symbol of citizens.
Unethical politicians can be disheartening. What to do.

I understand it can be disheartening to see unethical politicians in power year after year. It can be genuinely infuriating, also. 

Why are citizens continually subjected to corruption?

Because the politicians create/ manage ethics laws and investigations. In other words, they investigate themselves.


If you have read this far, you are at a crucial moment in your life.

You have a choice: either take action against corruption and improve Canadian Democracy or continue complaining about corruption in Canada.


Being a helpful citizen starts here:

  1. It is crucial that we, as citizens, recognise the severe danger that corrupt politicians pose to our Democracy. It is our duty to do something.

  2. It's high time for Canadians to understand that politicians work for us. We are not subservient to them; our duty is to control and direct them.

  3. Citizens can join with other Canadians in demanding the legal right of Canadian citizens to amend the Ethics Laws that govern politicians.


Simple Steps to Meaningful Change

The first step towards achieving change is to gather people and ignite their interest in the cause.

Step 1)

The starting point is this petition.

Why signing a petition matters;

"It is at the beginning where change starts."

1) It is a protest, an action towards making it happen.

2) It increases awareness

3) It's sharing and spreading information.

4) Nothing would ever get done if no one were ever informed.

5) It gives confidence and cohesiveness to the citizens.

Step 2:

Action during an election.

  • Citizens must elevate the petition to the status of a critical election issue. Current affairs see politicians and media outlets driving the conversation, but proactive citizen participation can significantly transform the electoral system.

  • Here, citizens wield power to inform politicians and media, ensuring they are not ignored.

  • Write letters to politicians and the media. Engage in discussions on social media related to Ethical Law reform.

  • Demand that citizens have the legal right to modify the Ethics Laws governing all government employees.

Step 3:

A staunch and persistent peaceful protest may be necessary for bringing about critical reform in Canadian Democracy.

Be prepared

In our Democracy, it is the citizen's responsibility to protect Canada

Take a few minutes, follow this link and find out what to do.

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