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Media is dividing Canadians

Media is the source of division among Canadians.

Most media will divide ideas and people into categories;

Right or left, progressive or populist, for example.

This creates a divisive "Me Good / You Bad" thinking.

Discussions never achieve a level of thoughtful dialogue.

Discussions are hijacked,

because right-left classification becomes the focus,

which deflects from the discussed issue.

The right and left classification started 200 years ago in France. It is antiquated.

People are more educated today and able to understand various diverse issues.

Citizens' opinions are varied and complex.

Segregating people into right and left,

destroys good communication,

and prevents democracy from evolving.

Whenever and wherever you see

a journalist segregating people and ideas,

Point it out, don't let them get away

with dumbing down our communications.


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