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Debates are necessary

Many voters are not familiar with politicians

Voters need to see them live,

Do they answer questions or evade?

Are they knowledgeable or faking it?

Voters need to know before they vote.

The majority of Voters only see photographs of politicians.

It is necessary to see the politicians live in person.

  • Do they speak clearly?

  • How well do they understand the issues?

  • What are their characters like?

  • Are they well-spoken?

  • Do they hide from answering questions?

  • Are they arrogant?

  • What are their perspectives?

  • How do they handle the pressure?

The Voters have to be respected, giving them the opportunity to witness the politicians live at least 3 times.

voters debating political issues
A group of voters picking people

 3 Mandatory Debates are essential.

  • Voters have an immense responsibility to pick the best people.

  • Voters have a life, seeing all 3 may be a challenge.

  • By having 3, the odds are better that they will see at least one.

  • It takes at least 2 viewings to get a good sense of a person.

  • Sometimes one Debate is not clear or disciplined enough.

  • Allows the Voter not to be influenced by the media.


For a healthy Democracy, the Voter requires this Election Tool.

3 Mandatory debates
Beauty is knowing that whom you are voting for is competent.

Organization and discipline.

Organization: People associated with the media should not be involved.

Who can run each Debate?

  • The physical structure and debate rules of a debate are simple. Debate formats already exist.

  • Debate MCs follow and enforce debate rules.

  • Debate MCs should be from a teaching or professor position.

  • Each Debate has to happen in a different province.

  • Canada's official media, already paid for by the Voters of Canada, can provide hosting facilities.

  • The entire process should be transparent and videotaped by various independent individuals, not just one.

  • Voters decide on discipline and penalties for politicians disobeying the rules.

  • Suggestions? 

Democracy demands that the Voter has control of the Laws that govern all Political Debates.

a teacher holding a debate
Organization and discipline
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