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7 Laws that would Improve Democracy

  1. A  Improving Ethics Law that governs politicians. Proper discipline and enforcement.

  2. Quality Political Information Law ensures that Voters receive quality information.

  3. A  Non-Segregation of Thought Law, to stop dividing voters into types of thought.

  4. A  Right to Vote on Political Issues Law ensures Voters get heard on specific issues.

  5. An Election Report Card Law   informs Voters of the current government's track record.

  6. An  Election Debate Law to ensure that Voters receive three quality Election Debates.

  7. A  Canadian Forum Law, Creates a forum for Voters to engage on political issues/laws.

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This is why we need New Democracy Laws

*Old democratic system                           *Voters need more rights                         *Technology has advanced    *Voters Right to quality info                  * Remove unethical people       

*Voters forum                                                 *Stop the segregation of voters

Our democratic system is old and in need of repair.

Canada is over 150 yrs old. The citizens received little overall education then.

People are better educated today and can understand complex issues. And all issues are complex.

The old gears of Democracy are in need of repair.
Checking for more voters rights.

Demand more Voter rights: 

The foundation of Democracy is the Voter.

Currently, the Voter rights are insufficient.

Voters require additional rights to help with their efforts to make quality election decisions and evolve our Canadian Democracy.

Our technology has advanced.

We now have the ability to share our ideas with other Canadians instantly.

A Canadian Forum can unite citizens in conversations to share perspectives and ideas. This forum can be guided into polite discussions without censorship.

Discussing issues will unite and engage Voters to improve our democracy. 

New technology can enhance democracy.
Hands agree that citizens need quality information in order to vote.

A Voter's right to quality information. 

In order to make quality decisions, the Voter requires quality information. 

Information is critical to the Voter;

Therefore when a government or the media withholds information, this creates a serious handicap in the Voter's ability to make good decisions.

Voters require political information that is balanced, unbiased and delivered without sarcasm or innuendo.

An Access to information law is necessary.

A well-informed Voter is necessary for a healthy Democracy.

Remove unethical people from the government.

Strong Ethics Laws are needed to stop corruption and the decay of our Democracy.

The present Ethics laws for politicians are old, feeble and ineffective. The fines are so small that they are not a deterrent. 

Why? You may ask. It is because parliamentarians write Ethics Laws for parliamentarians. Citizens need to be involved.

Creating strong "Ethics Laws" will protect the beauty and integrity of our Democracy.

unethical politician hiding information from the voter.
Looking for facts on government  performance report card.

The necessity of an Performance Report Card

At Election time,  information on the current government is scarce.

People forget how the current government handled itself and the politicians are not going to remind the Voter. Voters need to  know if the politicians are ethical and adequate. 

It is necessary for the Voter to have a Report Card outlining the politician's achievements and failures. Voters need to be reminded several times within an election period.

Voters need a forum to communicate with each other.

The government is choking our free speech.

The way to a healthy Democracy is through inter-communication with other Canadians, to discuss issues and laws. 

Polls inform us of what other Voters think, however, polls only sample a very, very, small number of Canadians. In addition, we never know the type of questions that were asked. Nor do we know if the people asked were well informed on the subject.

The media is suspected of bias because the government hands money to the media. It is human nature to "Never bite the hand that feeds you".

A public forum on political issues would improve Voters' knowledge of issues and unite Canadians. 

Citizens communicating with one another through a Canadian Forum
Citizens being segregated into types of right or left thinking.

Stop the segregation of Voters into

categories of thought.

Politicians and the media will segregate Voters into Right-wing, left-wing, populist, etc. Segregation is very unfair to the voter. 

Voters have levels of thought: Voters have multiple levels of thinking, and no one knows what they are. 

Dead-end conversations: Right-left division lures voters into dead-end discussions that create a "Me Good-You Bad" mentality. 

Deceived voters:  Classifying voters lures them into thinking they are entirely different from each other. 


Demeaning voters: Right/Left segregation often has the intention to demean other Voters.

Inhibits the development of Democracy:

Segregation of thought destroys the evolution of good communication and therefore chokes Democracy.

remove unethical people from government
quality information
Stop the segregation of voters
democratic system is old
more voter rights
technology has advanced
Voters need a forum to communicate

You can improve Canadian Democracy.

It is up to you and me to do it.

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