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Government Performance Report Card

Voters require info on how the government performed.

Before an election, voters have a right to know: 

How has the government performed?

Voters require a Performance report, otherwise, we may rehire incompetent or unethical people.

What is election report card
A performance report card

What is a Performance Report Card?

  • It is a brief and factual examination of government behaviour since they have been in office.


  • If the government is incompetent, people need to know this information before voting.

  • Voters have a responsibility to hire quality people to manage the economy and nation.

When should the report card be published?

  • When an Election is called, an Election Report Card should be published at the beginning and 2 weeks before the end of the election.

what is in the report card

What is in the Report Card?

Did the government fulfil their promises?

  • If they did not, then they lied to get hired.

  • Why should Voters believe them now?

  • A promise is part of a package to get them hired; they profited from the lie.

  • Should this be considered a crime? 

How did they spend Voter's money?

  • Who received the money and how much?

  • Did friends of the politicians receive any money?

  • Did they overspend?

  • Was the money spent wisely?

What contracts were signed, and how lucrative were they?

  • Did friends of the politicians receive the contracts?

  • Did the contracts give away Canadian Real Estate or businesses?

  • Should the Voters be informed of contract negotiations? 

Were there any Ethics violations by the politicians?

  • Did any politicians profit by giving away contracts?

  • Did any politicians lie?

  • Did any politicians hire members of their families?

Are our programs and departments performing correctly?

  • What are the salaries (this can be ballpark and not specific)

  • Are there "performance bonuses" and based on what? 

Magnifying glass looking for facts in a report card
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Voters expect the best and deserve the best.

voter expectations
A man pointing a finger and having expectations

Voter Expectations: 

  • To be adequately informed of all government actions and behaviour.

  • Respect for the Voters. They have paid for the government to look after the country.

  • They deserve to see the Report Card published several times throughout an election. 

  • That highly skilled and ethical people manage the government.

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