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Every single day Canadians work to provide the buildings, the real estate, and the infrastructure so that our Canadian Government exist.

The government is built on Voters' investment money:

  • Voters are the foundation of our democracy.

  • Voters are the stakeholders in Canadian Democracy.

The Voters' extensive investment qualifies them for legal rights:

  • The right to protect their ability to make quality decisions.

  • Quality decisions keep our Democracy healthy and beautiful.

Democracy requires constant improvement and discipline:

  • To ensure that unethical or inept people do not destroy our livelihoods.

It is the Voter who deserves the right to write the laws.

to make the Canadian Democracy healthy and beautiful.

Canadians Working Together
Daily routines
abstract showing the daily routine of voters

Recognize the Voter's daily routines and their limited time for research.

  • Voters have a life: Children to put to bed, activities to attend, people to help, goals to achieve, 

  • Voters have health issues, legal issues, mental issues, communication issues, vehicle issues, money issues, 

  • Many people are at a disadvantage, with technology or reading or comprehension.

At day's end, there is precious little time for proper research. 

  • The Voter Stakeholder has to make quality decisions.

  • Media  Information has to be balanced, to see all sides.

  • It has to be balanced directly in front of them. In the same article, on the same page or at the same time in the newscast. 

  • Voter Stakeholders require Laws to control and discipline political information. Whom we elect is critical.


Voters are Stakeholders, not taxpayers:

  • Voter money is used to buy real estate, and buildings, and pay salaries to run Canadian Democracy.

  • Canadians invest their money into Canada.

  • Voters are stakeholders who deserve and merit more rights to ensure that Canada remains Beautiful.

It is time for the Stakeholder/voter to be recognised.


Things need to change:

  1. Canadian citizens should be praised and acknowledged whenever Voter money is handed out to Corporations or for projects.

  2. The Stakeholder/voter needs to know the details: who is getting the money? Why? and is there a politician connected to the project?

  3. Is it possible that the Stakeholder/voter money should be a loan and not given away?

  4. The Voter should receive rights as a shareholder would receive. 

  5. Start referring to Canadian taxpayers as "Canadian Stakeholders."

father instructing his daughter that she is an investor

When a person invests money in a business, they can have a variety of titles:

Investor, shareholder, stakeholder

legal rights
man presenting voter legal rights

Voters are entitled to more legal rights.

  • The present democratic system is antiquated and does not represent the needs or abilities of our present-day citizens.

  • Voters today are better educated and have the ability to understand complex issues, and all problems are complex.

  • The technology today is advanced, this does allow for better communication and sharing of information.

The Voter is the core of the democratic system.

Beauty in Democracy happens when:

  1.  The Voter has the legal right to ensure that quality political information is delivered to them. Delivered in a balanced, unbiased, and untainted manner. This will allow the Voter to be better informed and make quality decisions at election time.

  2. The Voter will have direct legal tools to ensure that politicians are disciplined in ethics and skills to manage Canada.

  3. For further discussion, follow this link.

Pressure to elect

Understand the pressure of finding ethical and competent politicians. 

It is a fact:

  • Human nature produces unethical people. They will show up in government and elsewhere.

  • It is also a fact: that some, not all,  politicians and media will try to hide or soften their unethical behaviour.

The Voters are distressed and under pressure:

How can Voters hire competent, ethical people if the information required to make good decisions is tainted or intentionally hidden from them?

Advertising is a form of hypnotism: 

Hypnotic slogans and constant repetition will influence voters. Short headlines sometimes mislead.

Voters must swallow their anger when an unethical politician is allowed to stay in government. 

Do voters have to sift through Biased Media? Currently, the mainstream media receives money from the government. Some say the information given to the Voters is open to bias or lacks all the information. An age-old truism fits here: " Never bite the hand that feeds you."

woman under pressure to find an ethical politician
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Respect the Voter, give them the Rights they deserve.

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