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Media: False friends are worse than open enemies.

person showing two sides
False friends are worse than open enemies.

Proverb: Trusting someone who is, in fact, duplicitous or disingenuous is worse than knowing outright of someone's hostility.


Do Canadians have false friends?

It looks like it, considering the evidence.

Who are they?

The legacy media companies & the advertisers who support them.

The Legacy Media tries to pose as our knowledgeable, caring friend.

However, their actions present a different optic. They pretend to demonstrate the truth while feeding Canadians one-sided propaganda and protecting the government.

Would a well-informed friend do this?

1a) Directly lie to you about your fellow Canadians. Feeding you misinformation about events and people.

  1. Keep you in the dark about harmful Vaccines? There are no extensive investigative reports on the improper vaccine testing that has caused severe harm to thousands of Canadians. Yet they will publish government articles for Canadians to get the vaccine and not inform Canadians.

2) Give you very little info about people stealing your money. There isn't meaningful reporting on the corruption in our government that allows thieves, connected to politicians, to steal taxpayer money.

3) Refuse to let you know ALL the data related to carbon. Where are the unbiased investigations into carbon? What is it, and how much is in the atmosphere? Is carbon harmful to our planet? Where are the opposing views?

Why are we paying a tax in Canada that ruins every family despite our teeny-weeny carbon footprint?

4) Give you unbalanced expert advice. They don't investigate their experts. Where do these experts get their funding? What do other experts say?

5) Play favourites or protect certain people, giving you tainted info. Why do government politician interviews often let politicians talk without question and overlook their lies? 

6) Put you into a dumb category, indicating a person who only thinks a certain way.

They segregate Canadians into Left or Right categories of simplistic yobs.

Similar to: "Those people are wearing red pants; they are Rebels."


A) "Right / Left" journalism is a way to create a "buzz" by dumbing citizens down into "them or us" antagonism. And those journalists who strive to present themselves as thoughtful individuals will defend this dysfunctional mindset.

B) Dividing people's opinions into Right or Left categories is offensive. It creates division in society and degrades social communication to the level of "Me Good /You Bad."

C) Meaningful discussions often devolve into right/left mental masturbation arguments rather than productive dialogue on the issue.

D) The classification system of right and left is outdated and originated in France approximately 200 years ago. We live in a more educated society now, where people can comprehend complex issues, and all problems are multifaceted.

E) Segregating individuals based on their thoughts harms democracy's evolution since it hampers clear communication.



  1. Taxpayers are keeping Canadian media alive. Taxpayers should have shares and the right to change how information is delivered to Canadians.

  1. They're using taxpayers' money to distribute information that could harm Canadians.

In 2024, Legacy Media is the enemy of Canadians, and it is time for Canadians to look them in the eye, ask questions and expect some changes.

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