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Voter's Right to a Canadian political Forum

Democracy requires a political forum to share ideas.

A disciplined, uncensored forum for polite and respectful talk.

Democratic, uncensored communication will improve society.

     Voices that politicians will hear.

  • Seriously strict on courtesy, politeness, and respect.

  • Topics are all current political issues.

  • A library of issues and possible solutions.

  • A collating system to provide summary data.

  • A better emoji response selection

  • A "help me communicate my idea" department.

  • A focus on being succinct ( being brief and to the point)

hand coming together in courtesy and respect
beauty of political online forum
handshake for understanding


Voter members will become better educated on issues.

                              better at understanding other's views

                              better at communicating with each other

                              gain the confidence of helping Canada

                              have their voices heard



Polls become obsolete, the Forum will contain all the data.

What Canadians think will be in the forum, and up-to-date

Benefits on political online forum

Voter Forum

Ground Rules 

Integrity: To keep the integrity of the Voter Forum, government and media involvement cannot be allowed. Any government, political party affiliates, media journalists, or media affiliates have to declare their position within the member profile.


Regulation and control should be done by the Voter members, Canadian Citizens.

Oversight committees: 

Those that oversee the system require a regular personnel turnover.

hands coming together forming a voter forum
Voter forum ground rules
shaking hands in agreement on communication levels

     Forum Communication Levels, a goal.

  • The initial post: A brief outline, comment, or perspective that is concise. Voter members would then vote, comment, or ask questions. 

  • 2nd Level: More detail, still concise but with more explanation.

  • 3rd Level: Seriously more detail and exploration between Voter members. At this level, making an idea a reality is considered. Then the possible organizing of a formal vote.

  • How to make reality Level: The 'How to" level. Suggestions are submitted for the shaping and implementation of the idea. Voter members would discuss and vote on the issue.

Forum Communication Assistance

Not all of us have the ability to express our thoughts clearly.

We may be so upset or have several thoughts jumbled.

That is where a Communication Assistant would be available

to the Voter member.

A Voter member would submit a post or email and Voter member volunteers would help unravel and provide clarity for that member.

hands of the world assisting to express thoughts
forum communication levels
Communication assistance
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Join on Twitter and make a world of difference in Canada

Read the posts, vote on ideas, and make yourself heard.

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