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 A Quality Information Law

To make good decisions, voters need quality info.

Without quality information

A fair election is not possible, our democracy is in trouble

  • Taxpayers invest in the media; they have the right to receive balanced, unbiased information.

  • Enforced government transparency is necessary.

  • Investigations into govt cannot be shut down.

Quality decisions can only be made if Canadian citizens receive quality information. 



(being in a state of balance: clear-headed,  both sides of an issue


The Voter has to be respected. Most do not have time for extensive research. All political opinion articles need to be accompanied by articles that have different opinions about the same topic. These articles have to be presented simultaneously and in the same space.

SOLUTION: Voter Media Oversight Committee to legally discipline this behaviour in the media.


Politicians have an obligation to present all sides of an issue to the Voter.

SOLUTION: Voter Ethics Oversight Committee to shape the Ethics laws.

RESULT: The beautiful result is that voters are better informed and can make better decisions.

image of balanced scale for media articles
unbiased opinions


(free from all prejudice and favoritism: fair, equal, fair, objective)

MEDIA: It often happens that news articles present opinions that are not fair to one person or another if facts are untrue or exaggerated. Unbalanced opinion articles make the report biased and subject the Voter to misinformation.

News organizations are responsible for being unbiased; however, this is not strictly disciplined.

SOLUTION: Voter Media Oversight Committee to investigate biased articles.

Untainted: (not contaminated, spoiled, or affected slightly with something nasty)


An article using innuendo (hint / insinuate) or slurs is tainted. Innuendo is an intentional effort to influence Voters subliminally. It is propaganda, and it has to stop.

SOLUTION: Voter Media Oversight Committee to investigate and, if necessary, discipline.

abstract image people wanting unbiased information
Stop segregating of voters

Media Left/Right Division, Video length 00:52 sec

Image of voter segregation into categories of thought.

Stop the segregating of Voters into categories of thought: 

(Dividing people, creating disunity by classifying them)


Media and politicians segregate people into right-wing or left-wing, populist or progressive.

Right and left classification started in France 200 years ago. It is antiquated.

  • People can have an enormous number of opinions, each with the possibility of having many levels or degrees of viewpoint. Segregating a person based on their imagined thoughts is insulting and demeaning.

  • Segregating people into Right Wing/Left Wing/Populist thoughts creates a  "Me Good /You Bad" attitude and a low level of thinking. 

  • We have a society that is much more educated now. People can understand complex issues, and all problems have complexity.

  • Left or right is so simplistic; that it hinders insight and the ability to unravel an issue. It is cancer to democracy.

Dead-end conversations:

Right-left banter lures Voters into dead-end discussions that do not solve issues and only distract the Voter.

No hiding of information
politician hiding information behind a mask

No hiding of Information:

(to put out of sight, to conceal, keep secret, evade )

It has happened,

Current governments have shut down investigations into their own government.

This is serious. Information that could influence your vote is intentionally hidden from you.

At the next election, the Voter runs the risk of electing unethical people.

This is a catastrophic situation for Canadian Democracy.

POLITICIANS: When politicians shut down investigations into their own government's behaviour, they are hiding information from the Voter.  This type of behaviour is unacceptable to a healthy democratic society and has to be stopped.

SOLUTION: Voter Ethics Oversight Committee with the legal power to establish Ethics laws that confront this behaviour.

MEDIA: There are situations where the media will not try to get information that is being withheld.  This is an intentional effort to subliminally influence Voters by not getting the voter the quality information they need. 


SOLUTION: This is so important that a Media Oversight Committee has to be set up to monitor the

Info delivered on time

Info Delivered on Time:

 (before an election, current events)


It has happened;


Police investigation information has been withheld until after an Election.

The Voters did not know, that the outcome of the elections could have been different.

MEDIA: The media has to publish information about events or issues as soon as they happen, and not wait until it can be buried with another topic. Or until after an election.

The Election Report Card on the Current government has to be published before and once a month during an election. The Voter has to be given the chance to access this important information relating to the government's performance.

SOLUTION: Voter Media Oversight Committee with the legal right to oversee and ensure the publication and distribution of important information to the Voters.

POLITICIANS: Information that may affect the Voter's decision during an election cannot be withheld until after an election.

SOLUTION: The Voters Ethics Committee has to have the legal right to nullify an election should critical information be withheld.

abstract image showing information is late
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