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 A citizen's Right Not to be Segregated 

What is segregation?

Stop the segregation of Voters into categories of thought.

Left or Right, Progressive or Populist, ETC

1) Voters have multiple levels of thinking, complex and diverse.

2) Right/Left division creates a "Me Good-You Bad" mentality.

3) Segregation of thoughts is  simplistic and useless in solving a problem

4) Segregation fools you into thinking you are entirely different from other       Canadians. The truth is, your values may be closer than you think.

5) Segregation of thought destroys the evolution of good communication and         chokes the advancement of Democracy.

What does it mean to be "segregated?

  • You are separated and labelled i.e. Right/ Left/ populist/etc.

  • Your viewpoints are smothered, twisted or hijacked.

  • Your image is dismissed or labelled as a class type.

  • You are segregated to be a certain type of thought.

  • Your thoughts are regarded as only "black or white"


Why do people segregate Voters?

  • It is easier to influence the Voter's minds.

  • By dividing people it makes it easier to win.

  • It is a psychological weapon, "me good, you bad"

  • Storytelling is easier, with less investigation needed.

  • Discarding people who are classified is easier.

  • It is easier to throw away ideas based on their class.

two people separated by right or left views only
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  Dividing perspectives into Right or Left destroys clarity of thought and stunts democracy.

left right segregating insult
a person showing objection to segregation

Why is segregating Voters an insult?

  • "Right/Left" and "Me good/You bad" dialogue is ineffective communication to solve issues.

  • Categorizing Voters is an ancient game.

  • Left Right started 200 yrs ago in France.

  • We have a society that is better educated today. People can understand complex issues, and all problems have complexity.

  • Voters are not respected for multi-levelled thoughts.

  • Media types think it is intellectual to massage each other with Right Left fantasy battles. 

Good communication is choked by segregating thoughts and ideas. Issues are not solved .

Example of Left Right Thinking

Example of Right-Left segregation:

The Issue of Immigration

Assume for a moment:

Left wants immigration, Right is against it. (reverse if you like)

So, if you like immigration: then you might be considered Left.

But, what if you wanted limits, then you could be classified as Right-Wing. People could view you as against real  immigration.

Labelling people as either Right/ Left thinking requires no investigation or evidence. 

You are now classified, forever.

It now doesn't matter what your thoughts are on different topics. Once you are labelled Right or Left, you stay there.

Let us say Defence spending. Someone will remember your immigration ideas and label you a  Right thinker.

Your classification will smother your character.

Forever and ever.

Shredded paper showing shredded ideas.
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Canadian Democracy will not evolve with Voter segregation.

The Media, Segregation and Money
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The Media:

Segregation and money influence the Voter.

  • The drama of a good fight, left vs Right, sells newspapers.

  • Copywriters and editors/journalists can set the stage for drama, linking one side as Right or left, bad or good.

  • Dividing people into "Them vs Us" is classic drama.

  • Entire articles can be about left or right but not an actual problem—the drama of Right Left segregation. And at the same time, they defend their right-left segregation as legitimate. 

  • Journalists ignore fundamental political issues while massaging each other with Right Left perspectives.

  • Additional problem: Media may support the Left or Right, which means biased articles may influence the Voter.

  • Worse than that: The government gives money to hand-picked Media outlets. Does Media Bias exist here? 

  • One only has to observe the human nature of  "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" to understand possible bias.

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