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Is Tyranny the right word to use?

Photo of woman in disguise to camouflage tyranny.
Tyranny: So soft sometimes it is hard to recognize.

You and I,

And millions of Canadians,

Unexpectedly cornered by a government,

Slick with words and persistent with disguised actions to leash us,

So slowly, the binding of twigs is becoming a club.

K. Commodore


How do we describe what is happening to us?

So many players and so many seemingly innocuous events, at first.

Is Tyranny the right word we should use?

Tyranny is a description that should not be used lightly.

It is a powerful term to describe unethical and deceptive intent to undermine the society of a democracy harshly. "It should be used loudly if tyranny is evident."

Some might use the word oppressive, which could apply if one has lost their home and access to quality care if the actions that created the situation were intentional.

When a person or organisation displays tyrannical qualities, it's a warning sign of imminent danger.

Tyranny has only one side effect, and it is authoritarianism or communism.


"Tyranny is not merely a single event

but a series of subversive actions."

Such as the following examples:

Each one of them is serious on its own.

  1.  Chinese police departments and officers are allowed to operate in Canada.

  2. China's Interference inquiry has a "judge" with Liberal connections. That "judge" ruled that the Opposition Conservative party is not allowed status to ask questions at the inquiry.

  3.  The government chooses which media is to be accredited.

  4.  The government pays accredited media.

  5.  Accredited media openly supports, protects and promotes the government, government officials and their ideology. Severe investigations into government mismanagement are non-existent. 

  6.  The accredited media becomes State Media, and one-sided climate information becomes propaganda that creates fear in Citizens to support a government tax.

  7. The accredited media do not intently challenge ministers who blatantly lie.

  8.  The Government's Minister of Environment is directly linked with China, applying harsher standards to Canada than it does to China.

  9.  The leader of the ruling party says he admires communism and is willing to relinquish Canadian sovereignty to the WEF and WHO.

  10.  History shows that investigations into government corruption, including those involving the Prime Minister, have been frequently shut down by the government. Allowing them to escape criticism or discipline.

  11. The government's behaviour is authoritarian in censoring citizens' access to information and free speech on social media.

  12. The Ethics Commissioner is in a conflict of interest.

  13. Minister Finance Freeland, through a speech, indicates a shift from democracy is coming. She does not give any details.

  14. Government officials in secret meetings at WEF

  15. Scandals are commonplace. Some go by Arrivecan, the Green Slush Fund, or  SNC Lavalin. Billions of Missing taxpayer's money. These are just three, but there are many more.

  16. The government allowed the destruction of statues that depicted the nation's founding historical figures.

  17. Erasing of culture by removal of prayers honouring Canadian fallen soldiers.

  18.  The government floated the idea that citizens may be threatened with jail for challenging climate change.

  19.  The government rejects a Foreign Agent Registry (This would have stopped foreign interference)

  20. Intentional overspending and the flooding of society with immigrants cause economic collapse, causing citizens to rely on the government.

  21. The police and courts' questionable actions show a seeming bias and allegiance to the government over the rule of law and balanced implementation. 

  22. Police harass specific journalists designated by the government.

  23. The judiciary is treating law-abiding citizens as terrorists with harsher treatment to specific people who challenge the government.

  24. An accredited psychologist is ordered to a re-education "camp" for using his free speech.

  25. The government allows Immigrants into Canada who are violently disapproving of our culture.

  26. The national police force cannot get documents from the government to investigate a scandal the government was involved in.

  27.  Elections Canada will now decide what is misinformation during an election.

  28. The Minister of Finance, Freeland, closely associated with WEF, holds private meetings with WEF VIPs. WEF is fixated on unilaterally controlling the decisions of independent countries. In other words, WEF wants to control Canadian Democracy.


Tyranny requires the involvement of accomplishes.

While images and words suggest integrity and loyalty to democracy, their actions say otherwise. Members of Parliament belonging to the NDP and Liberal parties have approved and supported all the actions above by way of voting or by remaining silent, allowing these conditions to exist.


If you decide that tyranny is the correct word to use to describe our government. Then you should use it.



What can ordinary citizens do?

It is Our Duty to Protect Canada

The place to start is to visit the following links to get an understanding of options.

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