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Unethical politicians will destroy Canada.

Dishonest behaviour in our government will cripple our civilization and the Democracy of Canada.

  1. An unethical person will hide or create a distraction to escape investigation.

2.) They will close down investigations.

3.) They will hide the truth by calling it something else.

4,) They will find someone in the media to protect and support them.

Why are they still in power?

1) Because the reward for unethical behaviour is greater

than the penalty for being corrupt.

2) The Ethics Laws are written by politicians,

as a conseqence the Ethics Laws are extremely weak.

Why is unethical behaviour a problem?

There are billions of our taxpayer dollars are in their hands.

The well-being of Canada’s economic stability is at risk.

These are the highest offices in our land.

We expect intelligent individuals to have the discipline to uphold ethical standards.

Our economic and social structure is at stake.

Canadian Ethics laws are weak because politicians write them.

Canadian citizens deserve to write the Ethics Laws.

A) It is Canadian taxes that run Canada.

B) It is Canadian livelihoods that are at risk.

C) We deserve the best ethical people running our country.


A starting point, a few suggestions for an Ethics Law rewrite:

1) If there is evidence of unethical or corrupt behaviour: There should be immediate removal from the department

they hold while being investigated

2) An investigation starts immediately and cannot be shut down. Currently an

investigation can be shut down.

3) If the evidence proves unethical behaviour has occurred,

these are the possible penalties, (suggestions welcome)

A) Removal from government and ineligible to take any position in any level of government.

B) Pension is reduced by 50%

C) A monetary penalty equal to 50% of a one-year salary. D) Unable to contact any government in any capacity or

form of interaction.

If we want to stop the continuous behaviour of unethical people in our government,

It is up to us to do something.

All it would take is for you to sign a petition, and be part of a momentum

to discipline political Ethical behaviour.

Sign the petition here:

Signing matters; it is the starting level

1) It is a protest, an action towards making it happen.

2) It increases awareness

3) It's sharing and spreading information.

4) If no one was informed, nothing would ever get done.


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