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The Power of Protest: Why Ordinary Citizens May Need to Take a Stand

Canadian unity, demostrating and protesting for a better democracy
Joining together, demonstrating against a corrupt government.

"What should someone do, when the government is destroying society?"

First, are there valid reasons to protest?

1) Is there Media Bias? Government pays media outlets they favor, which in turn shields the government from criticism. This is called "not biting the hand that feeds you."

2) Is there Tyranny? Investigations into Chinese Interference are being controlled by NDP liberals

3) Has Massive corruption has been found surrounding the ArriveCan App.

4) Does Canada has a housing shortage, and intentional mass immigration is destroying us?

5) Is Climate Change info one-sided, which means it is propaganda, justifying crippling taxes with no debate?

  6) Is there Poor money management? Canada is broke, but the NDP liberals gave the Philippines 5.3 billion dollars.

7) The above outlines the categories; each category has more examples. Pay attention to other media sources that the government does not pay.


After considering all the incidents together, they lead to a single conclusion.

Is it possible that some intelligent individuals,

are intentionally causing harm to Canadian society?

"Then what do we do? Who will save us?"

Why does it look like no one is going to save us?

a) The Liberal NDP are in complete legal control of our money and laws.

b) The liberal NDP coalition has tied the hands of the official opposition, the Conservatives. The Conservatives can only protest and slow things down.

c) The RCMP? They are useless and cannot stop gov't corruption. Example:

The Prime Minister prevented the RCMP from accessing documents related to SNC Lavalin Scandal.


"So, let me get this straight:

ordinary Canadians may need to stand up, get uncomfortable,

and inconvenience ourselves to save our democracy?"

The short answer is Yes; however, we are not alone.

The history of humanity shows how citizens have always struggled and fought against prevailing social evils and human suffering at the hands of government.

An example is India, where Mahatma Gandhi led a successful nonviolent protest against the British government.

They protested using nonviolent actions such as:


A: Non-payment of taxes.

B: Declining honours and positions of authority

C: Resigning titles

D: Boycotting educational institutions and courts

E: Boycotting government services, foreign goods

F: Boycotting elections

G: Strikes

H: Blocking of traffic


Time is running out; this may be the time for citizens to step up and protest.

Whatever the protest method used to protect Canadian democracy, it must be peaceful.


Protest options:

  1. Level 1: Call or write your MP and find out if they are organising a petition.

  1. Level 1: If you see a petition, read it and sign it if you agree. If you disagree with the wording, seek out the petition's originator. Or start a petition yourself.

  1. Level 2: Seek out groups on social media with whom you collectively agree. Share posts and add your perspectives. Join.

  1. Level 3: If the letters and petitions are not affecting the government's behaviour, other forms of protesting may be the only option.


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