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It is Our Duty to Protect Our Democracy.

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It is our duty to protect our democracy.
  1. It is our duty to protect Canada 2) Understand the threats to democracy

3) Loyalty and Politicians  4) Stop being manipulated

5) Citizens to write Ethics Laws 6)  How to Defend Canada. Start here


Democracy takes effort.

It is our Duty to Protect Canada and do something about it.

  • It is the responsibility of citizens to ensure that Canada is protected from unethical individuals.

  • Citizens are responsible for confronting corrupt, incompetent and destructive leaders and their followers.

  • The citizens are responsible for demanding discipline, protesting and demonstrating against incompetence and corruption until it is removed.

  • If you see corruption, incompetence or unethical behaviour, it is our responsibility to do something about it.

You may have forgotten:

Democracy is supposed to be shaped by the citizens, not by politicians.

Canadians assumed we were protected.

  • We thought our laws could protect us from unethical politicians who mismanage our money; however, the laws are too weak.         

  • We assumed the police would protect us from scandals, but now we realize the police are powerless and even confused about who the enemy is.

  • We believe all politicians are loyal to Canada, but that has proven wrong.


Understand the threats to Democracy.

  1. Information Control by the Government: Fair Elections Impossible

  2. This is Citizens Power; We are the Investors in Canadian Media

  3. Are politicians loyal to Canada?

  4. Stop being manipulated; know all sides of an issue.

  5. Citizens require legal powers to protect our Democracy.


Information Control: Fair Elections are Impossible

Those who control the flow of information have the power to control the voter.

Hand controlling citizens
Government information control controls the voter.

When the government manipulates the media through financial means, Democracy suffers a fatal blow.

Elections will be unfair and

Democracy will die.

How the Government Controls the Media:

"Never bite the hand that feeds you."

When this human trait is exploited, it produces favourable articles from the media.

1) The government decides which media outlets are officially accredited.

2) Then, the government pays the chosen accredited media. 

3) Then, the accredited media protects and promotes the government.

Educated journalists with solid writing skills use their talents to protect the government in power by supporting government issues, attacking the opposition, or ignoring damaging information.

Examples: If you have been watching the legacy media, you probably don't know about the various scandals entrenched in the NDP liberal government. 

Scandals by the name of Arrivecan, the Green Slush Fund, or the SNC Lavalin.

These are just three, but there are many more. You may have heard of one or two, but you will not see an intensive, prolonged investigation into any of them by the legacy media.

Or the CBC. In a proven fact, they were caught lying about Russian interference at the Freedom Convoy protest, negatively influencing millions of Canadians.

Or learn how the CBC handles information:


Fair Elections are impossible,

when the State Media is in a Conflict of Interest.


This is Citizens Power;

We are the Investors in Canadian Media

Every year, the government gives millions of taxpayer dollars to Canadian media. This means that every Canadian taxpayer is essentially an investor in Canadian media.

As investors, Canadians deserve to demand the legal right to be provided with unbiased, balanced, untainted information.

We cannot have a fair election until this change to Canadian Media has been implemented.


Are Canadian Politicians loyal to Canada?

It is unbelievable that Canadian politicians need to be questioned about their loyalty to the country.

However, we have to ask tough questions.

Find out if your politicians support any of the organizations or policies below.:

1) WEF, WHO, or the UN?

2) Connected to WEF or China?

3) Agree with censorship of the Internet and social media?

4) Agree with the government to determine what misinformation is and is not. 

*WEF /World Economic Forum: Proclaimed to be a conspiracy theory by the government, it is now revealed that several cabinet ministers are connected to this organization. WEF is fixated on unilaterally controlling the decisions of independent countries. In other words, WEF wants to control Canadian Democracy.

WHO/ World Health Organization: While once a good organization, it is now controlled by people who want the legal power to dictate to Canada how we should manage our health care and response to pandemics.

UN/ United Nations: This organization was born after the Second World War to promote peace. Unfortunately, it has been taken over by countries with horrible human rights violations and is openly biased against Western values.

Misinformation: The government wants to censor social media, claiming it's full of false information. This would give them control over the flow of information and allow them to decide what misinformation is. If this happens, Canada risks becoming a communist-ruled country under the guise of Democracy.

*The Truth of Controlling Misinformation:

The way to control misinformation is by providing more information, not less.


Stop being manipulated; know all sides of an issue.

Look for other sources of information.

Start being aware of issues dividing Canadians. Start looking for the truth.

Gather data on topics such as:

  1. Climate change and those creating hysteria.

  2. Destructive immigration policies are drowning Canada.

  3. Fake investigations into foreign interference, protecting criminals.

  4. Politicians are embedded in corruption. Being protected by the media. 

  5. Mismanagement of our money is not intensely investigated.

  6. Politicians control ethics laws and are not disciplined.

  7. Obstructing investigations into corruption with no consequences.

When Canadian citizens are not told all the facts, or when an issue does not get the attention it deserves, then the Citizen cannot make quality decisions come election time. Unscrupulous people may get elected if data is withheld from Canadians.

Don't shoot the messenger:

Look for the truth in a message, not the source's reputation.

YouTube: There was a time when people used to degrade any information found on YouTube. This is the wrong attitude to take on an information source. Like paper, YouTube is a medium that can contain the same type of information as a newspaper or television.

Independent News: There are organizations that investigate and deliver information by having subscribers contribute to them. This does not make them any less capable of providing the truth.

Mainstream Media/Legacy Media: These organizations usually have been around for a long time. They are well known and may have gained Canadians' trust simply by being around so long. This does not make them any more trustworthy than anyone else.

Government Accredited Media: The government believes it can tell Canadians what media to listen to. They are giving the impression that all other sources are invalid. Nothing could be further from the truth. Misinformation can be found in Accredited Media.

In addition, it is usually the accredited media that receives money from the government. This puts the Accredited Media in a conflict of interest. The human trait of "Never bite the hand that feeds you" applies to them. Possible Bias lives here.

Don't confuse delivery style as an indication of trustworthiness.

A grumpy news delivery style can impart truth.

A slick delivery style is capable of delivering misinformation.

Seek Alternate sources of information:

Each Citizen should seek alternate information sources to discuss with other Canadians. Demand the freedom to access information and reject censorship from those who try to control the information Canadians see.

Alternate sources of information:

True North Centre: On X: @TrueNorthCentre

Rebel News: On X: @RebelNewsOnline

Spencer Fernando: On X: @SpencerFernando

Real Andy Lee Show: Follow on X: @RealAndyLeeShow

The Counter Signal: On X: @TheCounterSgnl

Wide Awake Media: OnX: @wideawake_media

X, formerly Twitter: Probably the best source to gather uncensored information


Citizens require legal powers to protect our Democracy.

Numerous politicians have been found guilty of Ethics Violations.

So, what is stopping unethical politicians from remaining in power?


Currently, the Ethics Laws are controlled by parliamentarians.

Politicians are essentially drafting laws that apply to themselves.

This has to change.

Canadian citizens should be writing Ethics Laws.

It is the Citizen's responsibility to protect our Democracy from unethical people.

Only citizens have the correct perspective on what discipline is necessary.

Follow the following link and sign a petition to make this a reality.


Signing A Petition matters; it is the beginning where change starts.

1) It is a protest, an action towards making it happen.

2) It increases awareness

3) It's sharing and spreading information.

4) If no one were informed, nothing would ever get done.

5) It gives confidence and cohesiveness to the citizens.


Take 2 minutes to start the momentum.

Stepping up and defending Democracy is the Canadian spirit.



How do ordinary Canadians defend Canada?

We are not alone in history; citizens in other countries

have had to stand up to corrupt governments.

photo of Gandi
Gandi is the man who led a peaceful and successful protest against a corrupt government.

Start using the following powers:

  1. The power of communication.

  2. The power of observation.

  3. The power of assembly.


Read this informative 2-minute article on protesting, then post this link to your social feed.

The Power of Protest: Why Ordinary Citizens May Need to Take a Stand


Where do citizens start?

We find out who is for Canada and who is our enemy.

We start with confronting every politician in every riding.

It is paramount that the politicians answer your questions directly and without obscurity. Canadians can no longer accept flakey, indirect answers to specific questions.


Want some help writing a letter to a politician?

Follow this link for a letter-writing guideline:

Do you need help locating the recipient of your letter?

This is a link to all the current Federal MPs. email addresses.



The government may shut down communication systems that allow Canadians to connect. Canadians must understand the significance of joining individuals and groups on all social media platforms.

Get active;

Canada needs your effort.


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