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Empowering Citizens: The Mission of Next Level

A legal image implying the seriousness of Next Level to improve Canada.
The mission of Next Level

Seven simple yet effective changes could improve our democracy:

1. Implement strict discipline and consequences in the ethics laws governing politicians.

2. Stop categorizing citizens as left or right.

3. Pass a law to ensure the quality and balance of political information from the media, leading to unbiased, balanced, and untainted government and media information.

4. Allow citizens to vote on issues with significant societal changes.

5. During an election period, a law should ensure that citizens receive an Election Report Card outlining the successes and failures of the current government.

6. all politicians must participate in three televised Election Debates during an election period.

7. Build a Canadian Online Forum that allows citizens to communicate with each other without censorship.

To maintain a healthy democracy, do not unthinkingly follow a political party. Instead, vote for the presented ideas, not the politician's personality.


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