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Don't be loyal to one political party.

Be Free.

Vote for ideas, not a political party.

Don't get sucked into the "Left or Right" thinking trap.

Right/left thinking is old-fashioned;

it started 200 years ago when people were not as educated.

Citizens are better educated now and able to understand complex ideas.

Ideas and thoughts about running a country are complex; they are a mixture of thoughts and ideas. Reasons you do not want to be loyal to a political party, 1) People are likely to protect the party they are loyal to rather than protect Canada. 2) When the party creates a breach or even a scandal, people loyal to the party are less likely to complain and may even back the offence. 3) To protect their [arty, people often call questionable behaviour "brilliant". 4) People loyal to a party often say nothing to remain "loyal". 5) Sadly, some may even choose to sink the entire ship they live on rather than admit they are wrong. You will contribute to a better democracy,

when you are NOT LOYAL to a party. Instead, contribute $ to a party that agrees with your ideas. Then, stay vigilant and watch them; what are their actions? Be vocal, and share your ideas on social media. Demand Ethical and economic discipline from all parties. It makes for a better democracy.

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