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It is advisable not to remain loyal to a single political party.

political party loyalty
Break free from loyalty to only one political party

Vote for ideas, not a political party.


The Reasons you Do not want to be loyal to one political party

1) People who are loyal to a single political party may support all party issues without scrutinizing them.

Example: You may like one party because of their views on immigration. However, their money policies may lack the ability to manage taxpayers' money properly.

By being independent, you will be able to push every party to improve all issues.

2) Party loyalty often leads to leniency towards party members involved in scandals. Staunch, loyal individuals are less likely to complain, may even support the offence, or worse, say nothing and allow corruption to live in our democracy.

A Party loyalty attitude could allow unethical people to manage our money and society, which is detrimental to democracy.


Become an independent voter.

As an independent voter, citizens can influence politicians to have more meaningful discussions on important issues.

Money is important at election time.

Supporting a party financially may be necessary to help them win an election. This does not mean that you have to be loyal to their party. It also does not indicate that you become "one of them". You will support them to win an election for whatever reason.

Keep the party honest:

  • Stay vigilant and watch them; what are their actions? 

  • Be vocal, and share your ideas on social media.

  • Demand Ethical and economic discipline from all parties. It makes for a better democracy.


The Deception and Division of Left or Right Politics.

Don't let anyone tell you that your ideas are Left or Right.

This type of segregation divides citizens into categories of simpleton  thought "types."

Similar to: “Those people are wearing red scarfs; they are Rebels.”

Right / Left journalism is manipulation to create buzz and antagonism by creating the illusion that citizens are incapable of complex issues.

It creates division in society and degrades social communication to the level of "Me Good /You Bad."

Journalists who present themselves as thoughtful individuals will defend this dysfunctional mindset.

But their discussions degenerate into defining right or left rather than productive dialogue on an issue.

The classification system of right and left is outdated and has its origins in France approximately 200 years ago.

We live in a more educated society now, where people can comprehend complex issues, and all problems are multifaceted.

Since the popularity of social media, citizens have started to realize that the Mainstream media is not a friend of the citizen.

Segregating individuals based on their thoughts is detrimental to democracy's evolution since it hampers clear communication.


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