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Open Public Debate Forums will improve Democracy.

In fact,

Open Public Debate Forums

are necessary for a healthy democracy.

It creates a place where all Canadians can discuss an issue, before it becomes law.

Currently, only politicians discuss issues.

Politicians will tell you that they have consulted the public, however,

there is no evidence of robust consultation with citizens.

A Debates function to learn about the other side of an issue.

It is an atmosphere disciplined for polite manners.

Hear uncensored ideas and perspectives.

Canadians need to hear what other Canadians are thinking,

Rather than a random poll telling Canadians how other Canadians are thinking.

A debate will keep politicians honest with their views about citizens' thoughts.

There wouldn’t be a need for polls; A debate would openly display citizen's views.

Debates are a means of understanding the different perspectives

that others can have about the same topic.

Debate helps to develop the capacity to view the same thing from varied perspectives and, sometimes, produce a better understanding.

A healthy Democracy requires Open Public Debate Forum.

Discuss ideas, share data, and listen to ideas.

  • A forum that the government does not run.

  • A forum managed by citizens.

How can this be done?

One possible way is to remove money from the CBC,

And direct it to the formation of a Canadian Debate Forum.

The funds would establish the following:

  • A Canadian Citizen managed Open Public Debate Online Forum.

  • A debate forum without censorship.

  • A space disciplined for good manners and quality communication.

  • An organisation funded with taxpayers' money but without government control.

  • An organisation subject to disciplined transparency and yearly audits

  • All personnel would be subject to strict Ethics Laws written by citizens

Vote here to improve Canadian Democracy:

Do you support redirecting money away from the CBC

And into a Canadian Open Public Debate Forum?

Are you for an Open Public Debate Forum?

  • Yes, establish Open Public Debate Forum, improve Democracy

  • No, don't improve Democracy. I trust politicians.


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